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the real deal – process and scale

The heart of the W2BILL solution.
It is a framework of micro-services targeted at executing flows of tasks across a variety of platforms. Each flow can be fully configured, as well as the task.

Adaptability is the key to success, from small to global businesses.
The w2bill Realtime solution is a robust, light-weight framework designed to manage task flows in an adaptive and evolving manner.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, which support massive performance, workload distribution and adaptive scalability, it becomes possible to implement simple to complex task flows to design any business and technical processes.

Realtime provides:

End to End: track each request from start to finish
Grouping: logical aggregation capability
Consistency: Request validation rules, from syntax to business criteria
Multiple integration languages (e.g., SOAP, REST), OpenAPI compliant.
Fault Tolerance: designed through component clustering
No central point of failure
Omni Data: Multiple data persistency solution support (RDBMS, NoSQL)
Error handling: Alternative process execution for flow failure scenarios


Developing new services and experiences
Producers/merchants and consumer expectations are in constant transformation
Consumers demand higher and quicker delivery at lower costs
Immediacy is turning into a basic capability rather than a differentiation
Only the most agile and efficient companies thrive

What does Real-time task management framework provide:

Concept of order, tracking each request from start to end
Concept of duplicated order through configurable key fields
Concept of configurable and versioned services
Concept of service grouping for logical aggregation
Concept of service users and respective authentication
Cross-platform self, up and out scaling
Request validation rules, from syntax to business criteria
Task flows managed by orchestrators and implemented through executors
Order lifecycle with differentiated Order status
Multiple integration languages: SOAP, REST, etc.
Fault-Tolerant design through component clustering

No central point of failure
Logging with performance metrics
Component health checks and monitoring
Data grid for high performance, ACID data access, and manipulation
Clustered, resilient and distributed data persistence
Multiple data persistence solutions support (RDBMS, NoSQL)
Distributed orchestrator approach
Standard Executors for common operations, with capability for client-specific enhancements
Flow Pausing and Resume
Alternative flow execution for standard flow failure scenarios
Inter-component communication through messaging for at least once delivery assurance

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Real-time Task Management Framework was designed, from its earlier stages, with the future in mind. Following the old path made little sense in a world marked by constant evolution, and with the growing certainty that today’s solutions will most likely be outdated soon.

With such concerns in focus, different ways of doing things were considered, where scalability, fault-tolerance, reliability, resilience, and configurability where key.

What is true today will soon be outdated and outpaced.

The currently accepted amount of data will soon be surpassed. More processing power, in different geographies, through public clouds or private data centers, must be supported, with all the challenges therein considered and handled.

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